Hello! Here you can learn a little bit more about who we are and why we started Develawpers.

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🕶 Who we are

Why Develawpers?

It is likely that #CodingForLawyers is soon going to become the buzzword in the legal space for the next years. Just as Legal Tech and Legal Design are trending right now.

We believe that learning how to code is just like learning to speak a new language.

...for legal practitioners the main difference between learning any language and learning Python, HTML or Java is strictly related to their practical applications.

However, for legal practitioners the main difference between learning any language and learning Python, HTML or Java is strictly related to their practical applications. For instance, as a lawyer you would learn English or Chinese as you might need it on a daily basis when dealing with international clients or with a foreign legislation. But what about coding?

Why we believe you need to learn how to code

The first reason: the so called "Lawyer 2.0" or "4.0" - we've honestly lost count - must be able to face and understand the technical issues as thoroughly as possible. How many times have we heard that the legal world which is no longer just made just laws, regulations and deadlines but also of bits, bytes and automation?

However, this cannot be the only reason why a lawyer should learn loops, conditions, variables, functions.

The problems we face in the IT practice area are of course strictly connected to technology but only in few occasions these are of a technical nature. And even if that's the case it would be really surprising to have just a lawyer and not also an engineer dealing with it.

So here's our second reason to learn how to code:

just as English is necessary for a legal practitioner to deal with certain issues and certain clients, so programming languages are necessary to (self) simplify and (self) automate some tedious and time-consuming tasks which you have to face in your daily legal work.

This is why we are happy to present the first Open Coding Library for Lawyers and Legal Practitioners, a collaborative project where great minds come together to present their own coding tricks in the legal space.

About the relation with Legal Tech

A small note: what we intend to solve here are simple and repetitive tasks. We acknowledge that legal tech is skyrocketing and is here to stay: where coders can't solve simple tasks, more complex software or applications should take the lead. That's why we intend coding and legal tech as a perfect duo and that's why one of our supporters is Sweet Legal Tech.

Who are we?

This is us! Please note that we started this project independently and for the good sake of the legal world. None of our opinions on this platform shall be related to our current employers!


Simone Cedrola, LL.M.

Co-Founder Develawpers

Legal secondee at Google | Trainee at Hogan Lovells | LL.M. in Law of Internet Technology | Deputy Editor-in-Chief at Ius in itinere


Giulio Messori, LL.M.

Co-Founder Develawpers

CEO at at Sweet Legal Tech | LL.M. in Law of Internet Technology