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🐍 1. Python

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1.1 • Online Courses

Python Bootcamps: Learn Python Programming and Code Training

<aside> 💡 • Level: beginnerOur comment: This is the perfect way to start learning Python. An all-encompassing course that will guide you from the very basics to some of the more complex stuff.


Automate the Boring Stuff with Python Programming Course

<aside> 💡 • Level: beginnerOur comment: A good way to get your hands dirty right away. From the basics to web scraping and document manipulation.


Python Tutorial: Learn Python For Free | Codecademy

<aside> 💡 • Level: beginnerOur comment: Another excellent resource. This time with a little extra: learn to use Classes.


Learn Python In The Browser For Free

<aside> 💡 • Level: beginnerOur comment: A good resource, contained in your browser. Includes lambda functions.


Python Crash Course For Beginners

<aside> 💡 • Level: beginnerOur comment: A crash course for beginner in little over 1.30 hrs. A quick yet complete overview of Python's most important features.


Google IT Automation with Python

<aside> 💡 • Level: beginner to mediumOur comment: This course will take you on a long journey of learning Python to a semi-professional level. Requires commitment, but gives you the right skillset to address real-world problems.


1.2 • Guides

PEP 8 -- Style Guide for Python Code

<aside> 💡 • Level: beginnerOur comment: It is crucial for every new Python developer to get used to writing stylish and beautiful code. PEP8 provides a guide on best practices on how to do so.


The Ultimate Python Beginner's Handbook

<aside> 💡 • Level: beginnerOur comment: An excellent one-page guide to Python. Can be used as a cheatsheet.


1. What is the Jupyter Notebook? - Jupyter/IPython Notebook Quick Start Guide 0.1 documentation

<aside> 💡 • Level: mediumOur comment: Jupyter Notebooks are an excellent way to have interactively documented code snippets and take Python notes — with actual running code.


Learn Python Programming

<aside> 💡 • Level: beginnerOur comment: A free, well structured course covering all the basics.


Coding the Law

<aside> 💡 • Level: beginner/medium/expertOur comment: An engaging project-based course where students will learn the basics of design thinking, legal tech and algorithms. The course is self-paced and includes tons of additional external resources.